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  • Michael Albro, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE, BME)
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  • Karen Allen, Ph.D.

    Professor (Chemistry, MSE)
  • Rama Bansil, Ph.D.

    Professor Emerita (Physics, MSE)
    Publications: 11/02/09 Folding of Pig Gastric Mucin Non-glycosylated Domains: A Discrete Molecular Dynamics Study 10/23/07 Kinetics of HEX-BCC Transition in a Triblock Copolymer in a Selective Solvent: Time Resolved Small Angle X-ray Scattering Measurements and Model Calculations. 10/23/07 Kinetics of phase transition from lamellar to hexagonally packed cylinders for a triblock copolymer in a selective solvent 04/03/07 Rheology of […]
  • Paul Barbone, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE) Associate Chair for Graduate Programs
  • Soumendra N. Basu, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE) Associate Division Head (MSE)
  • Enrico Bellotti, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, MSE)
  • Thomas Bifano, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE, BME, ECE); Director, Photonics Center
  • James Bird, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE) Director of Master’s Degree Programs
  • David Bishop, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, Physics, MSE, ME, BME) Head of the Division of Materials Science & Engineering Director of the CELL-MET Engineering Research Center
  • William Boley, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Keith Brown, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE, Physics)
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  • Scott Bunch, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • David Campbell, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, ECE, MSE)
    Publications: 03/18/08 Mean Field study of the heavy fermion metamagnetic transition 03/12/08 Electronic compressibility of a graphene bilayer 04/02/07 Unconventional Quantum Phase Transition in a Ring-Exchange Antiferromagnet 07/07/06 Magnetic Excitations of Stripes Near a Quantum Critical Point 06/27/06 Magnetic Excitations of Stripes and Checkerboards in the Cuprates
  • John Caradonna, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (Chemistry, MSE)
  • Claudio Chamon, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • James Chapman, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME)
  • Christopher Chen, M.D., Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, MSE)
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  • Ji-Xin Cheng, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, BME, MSE)
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  • Laisheng Chou, Ph.D.

    Professor (Restorative Sciences, Biomaterials, MSE)
  • David Coker, Ph.D.

    Professor (Chemistry, MSE)
  • Eric Cueny, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
  • Luca Dal Negro, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, MSE, Physics)
  • Douglas Densmore, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, BME, MSE)
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  • Linda Doerrer, Ph.D.

    Professor (Chemistry, MSE) Associate Director, Kilachand Honors College
  • Chuanhua Duan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Kamil Ekinci, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Michael El-Batanouny, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Sean J. Elliott, Ph.D.

    Professor (Chem, MSE)
  • Shyamsunder Erramilli, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE, BME)
    Publications: 12/14/14 Nonlinear Midinfrared Photothermal Spectroscopy Using Zharov Splitting and Quantum Cascade Lasers 08/10/10 Computational investigation of lipid hydration water of Lα 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-sn-glycero- 3-phosphocholine at three hydration levels 02/19/10 The potential of mean force of nitrous oxide in a 1,2-dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine lipid bilayer 09/13/08 Nitrous Oxide Vibrational Energy Relaxation Is a Probe of Interfacial Water in Lipid Bilayers 12/14/07 Nanoscale field […]
  • Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (BME, MSE)
  • Michael Gevelber, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE, SE)
    Selected Patents M.A. Gevelber, D. Wroblewski, “Feedback Enhanced Plasma Spray Tool: molten plasma flux control “, 5/31/2011, U.S. Patent  7,952,047. B. Vattiat, D. Wroblewski, M. Gevelber, “Plasma State and Flux Sensor”, 9/6/2011, U.S. Patent 8,013,994. D. Wroblewski, M. Gevelber, P. Gallagher, “Automated technique of measuring room air change rates in HVAC system”, U.S.,  PCT Application […]
  • Russell Giordano, D.M.Sc.

    Professor (Restorative Sciences, Biomaterials, MSE)
  • Srikanth Gopalan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Mark Grinstaff, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, Chemistry, MSE, MED)
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  • Douglas P. Holmes, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Wanzheng Hu, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Malika Jeffries-EL, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (Chemistry, MSE), Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  • Maria Kamenetska, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Chem, Physics, MSE)
  • Catherine M. Klapperich, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, MSE, ME)
    Catherine Klapperich is the Director of the Laboratory for Diagnostics and Global Healthcare Technologies and a member of the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  Before coming to Boston, Dr. Klapperich was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the lab of Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, and was a Senior Research Scientist at Aclara Biosciences in […]
  • William Klein, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE, ECE)
    Publications: 03/07/11 New Approach to Gutenberg-Richter Scaling 01/11/10 Cellular Automaton Model of Damage 04/14/09 Early time kinetics of systems with spatial symmetry breaking 03/02/07 Transient nucleation near the mean-field spinodal
  • Xi Ling, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Chemistry, MSE)
  • Sean Lubner

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
    Sean Lubner, core faculty with the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS), is an assistant professor at Boston University in mechanical engineering and materials science engineering. Before joining BU, Lubner was a research scientist at MIT and a Seaborg Fellow research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • Karl Ludwig, Ph.D.

    Associate Head (MSE) Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Malay Mazumder, Ph.D.

    Research Professor (ECE, MSE)
  • J. Gregory McDaniel, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Pritiraj Mohanty, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Elise Morgan, Ph.D.

    ad interim Dean, College of Engineering, Maysarah K. Sukkar Professor of Engineering Design and Innovation (ME, MSE, BME)
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  • Theodore Morse, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (ECE, MSE)
  • Theodore Moustakas, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (MSE, ECE) Distinguished Professor of Photonics and Optoelectronics
    Selected Publications T. D. Moustakas and R. Paiella, “Optoelectronic device physics and technology of nitride semiconductors from the UV to the terahertz: a review” (Invited) Rep. Prog. Phys. 80, 106501 (2017) T. D. Moustakas, “Ultraviolet Optoelectronic devices based on AlGaN alloys grown by MBE”, MRS Communications, Vol. 6, pp. 247-269 (2016) DOI:10.1557/mrc.2016.26 T. D. Moustakas […]
  • Dan Nathanson, D.M.D.

    Professor Emeritus (Restorative Sciences, Biomaterials, MSE)
    Publications: Lee, S. Y., Nathanson, D.and Giordano, R. (2001) Colour stability of a new light-cured ceramic stain system subjected to glazing temperature. J Oral Rehabil. 28 (5):457-62. Nathanson, D. (2000) The impact of biomaterials and research on dentistry.Pract. Perio. Aesthet. Dent. 12(1):68, 70. Papasotirion, O. S., Nathanson, D. and Goldstein, R. E. (2000) Computer imaging […]
  • Hadi T. Nia, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME, MSE)
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  • Roberto Paiella, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, MSE)
  • Uday Pal, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE)
    Selected Publications • Zhikuan Zhu, Chibuzor Darl-Uzu, Uday Pal, Srikanth Gopalan, A Mohammed Hussain, Nilesh Dale, Yosuke Fukuyama, Yohei Miura, Yutaro Miyoshi, Soumendra Basu, “Comparison of Cu–Mn and Mn–Co Spinel Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47 (87), 2022, 36953-36963; • Zhikuan Zhu, Michelle Sugimoto, Uday Pal, Srikanth […]
  • Harold Park, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE)
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  • Richard Pober, Sc.D.

    Research Assistant Professor Emeritus (Restorative Sciences, Biomaterials, MSE)
    Publications: Pober R. Reporting microhardness data in scientific publications. Journal of Dental Research. 77(10):1766, 1998 Oct. Campbell SD. Pelletier LB. Pober RL. Giordano RA. Dimensional and formation analysis of a restorative ceramic and how it works. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. 74(4):332-40, 1995 Oct. Giordano R. Cima M. Pober R. Effect of surface finish on the […]
  • Anatoli Polkovnikov, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
    Publications: A. Polkovnikov, Phase space representation of quantum dynamics, Annals of Physics 325 , 1790 (2010). A. Polkovnikov, Microscopic diagonal entropy and its connection to basic thermodynamic relations, Annals of Physics 326 , 486 (2011). V. Gritsev, A. Polkovnikov, Dynamical Quantum Hall Effect in the Parameter Space, PNAS 109, 6457 (2012). M. Heyl, A. Polkovnikov, […]
  • Erica D. Pratt, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME, MSE)
  • Siddharth Ramachandran, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Professor of Engineering (ECE, Physics, MSE)
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  • Tommaso Ranzani, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE, BME)
  • Claudio Rebbi, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Björn Reinhard, P.h.D.

    Professor (Chemistry, MSE)
  • Sheila Russo, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
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  • Emily Ryan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Michelle Sander, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ECE, BME, MSE)
  • Anders Sandvik, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Daniel Segrè, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, Bioinformatics, Biology, MSE)
  • Sahar Sharifzadeh, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ECE, MSE, Chemistry)
  • Andre Sharon, Ph.D.

    Professor (MSE, ME) Director of the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Engineering
  • Kevin Smith, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
    Publications: 12/01/10 Soft x-ray spectroscopic study of the ferromagnetic insulator V{_0.82}Cr{_0.18}O{_2} 06/22/10 Direct evidence of metallicity at ZnO (0001bar)-(1x1) surfaces from angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy 02/10/10 Electronic structure of N,N'-ethylene-bis(1,1,1-trifluoropentane-2,4-dioneiminato)-copper(II) (Cu-TFAC), from soft X-ray spectroscopies and density functional theory calculations 01/19/10 Electronic band structure information of GdN extracted from x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy 01/11/10 Electronic structure of C60/Phthalocyanine/ITO interfaces studied […]
  • Michael L. Smith, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, (BME, MSE)
  • H. Eugene Stanley, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (Physics, BME, MSE)
  • John Straub, Ph.D.

    Professor (Chemistry, MSE)
  • Béla Suki, Ph.D.

    Professor, (BME, MSE)
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  • Anna Swan, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ECE, Physics, MSE)
  • Michelle Teplensky, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME, MSE)
  • Joe Tien, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (BME, MSE)
  • M. Selim Ünlü, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Professor (ECE, MSE, BME)
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  • Arturo Vegas, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Chem, BME, MSE)
  • Jörg G. Werner, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Joyce Y. Wong, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, MSE)
  • Chen Yang, Ph.D.

    Associate Chair of Master Programs & Associate Professor (ECE, Chem, MSE)
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  • Muhammad Zaman, Ph.D.

    Vice Chair (BME); Professor (BME, MSE)
    In the News Selected recent publications Indorica Sutradhar, Carly Ching, Darash Desai, Zachary Heins, Ahmad S. Khalil, and Muhammad H. Zaman. "Effects of antibiotic interaction on antimicrobial resistance development in wastewater." Scientific Reports 13, no. 1 (2023): 7801. Mark Suprenant, Elevanie Nyankesha, Ralfh Moreno-Garcia, Valentina Buj, Ahmadu Yakubu, Fouzia Shafique, and Muhammad H. Zaman. "Assessing the relationship […]
  • Katherine Yanhang Zhang, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, BME, MSE)
  • Xin Zhang, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, ECE, BME, MSE)
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  • Lawrence Ziegler, Ph.D.

    Professor (Chemistry, MSE), Associate Division Head (MSE)