Materials Day 2021

Materials Day 2021 | Science & Technology of the Casimir Effect

Friday, October 15, 2021

8:30am – 5pm

100% Virtual – Zoom Webinar

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About this event

The Casimir effect is a phenomenon that arises due to fluctuations in the quantum vacuum.  In its simplest version, uncharged metal plates that are spaced much closer than a micron freeze out the long wavelength modes of these fluctuations.  The lower density of modes between the plates in comparison to the density of modes outside the plates gives rise to a net attractive force between the plates.  One can refer to the space between the plates as a Casimir vacuum, a region where the energy density is less than that found in free space.  The Casimir effect has significant implications for fundamental issues in physics and also allows ultra-precise quantum measurements to carried out.  In this workshop, we will have an open discussion, among the world’s leading scientists in the field, of both the science and technology of the Casimir effect.



30 minute presentations, plus 10 minutes for questions

8:30 Welcome- Dean Kenneth Lutchen, introduced by David Bishop

Session 1- Chair: David Bishop

8:40 Ricardo Decca,    9:20 Ho Bun Chan,    10:00 Lilia Woods

10:40 Break

Session 2- Chair: Robert Jaffe

11:00 Mehran Kardar,    11:40 Galina Klimchitskaya

12:20 Lunch time talk: Ulf Leonhardt

Session 3- Chair: Andrei Ruckenstein

1:00 Giuseppe Bimonte,    1:40 Alexander Stange,    2:20 Umar Mohideen

3:00 Break

Session 4- Chair: David Campbell

3:20 Vladimir Aksyuk,    4:00 Jeremy Munday

4:40 Conclusion with David Campbell


Planning Committee

Coordinating co-chairs: David Bishop (CELL-MET, BU) and David Campbell (BU)


Closed Captioning

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