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  • Ousama M. A’Amar, Ph.D.

    Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering
  • Michael Albro, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE, BME)
  • Margrit Betke, Ph.D.

    Professor (CS, ECE, BME)
    Margrit Betke is a Professor of Computer Science at Boston University, where she co-leads the Image and Video Computing Research Group. She conducts research in computer vision, in particular, the development of methods for detection, segmentation, registration, and tracking of objects in visible-light, infrared, and x-ray image data. She has worked on gesture, vehicle, and […]
  • Thomas Bifano, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE, BME, ECE); Director, Photonics Center
  • Irving Bigio, Ph.D.

    Undergraduate Chair (BME); Professor (BME, ECE, Physics, Medicine)
  • David Boas, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, ECE) Director of Neurophotonics Center
  • Xin Brown, Ph.D.

    Senior Lecturer (BME); Biointerface Technologies Facility Manager
  • Mario Cabodi, Ph.D.

    Director of Masters Programs (BME); Research Assistant Professor (BME); Master Lecturer (BME)
    Selected Recent Publications Raju, L. S.; Kamath, S.; Shetty, M. C.; Satpathi, S.; Mohanty, A. K.; Ghosh, S. K.; Kolluri, N.; Klapperich, C. M.; Cabodi, M.; Padmanaban, G.; Nagaraj, V. A., Genome Mining–Based Identification of Identical Multirepeat Sequences in Plasmodium falciparum Genome for Highly Sensitive Real-Time Quantitative PCR Assay and Its Application in Malaria Diagnosis. […]
  • Charles Cantor, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus, (BME)
    Dr. Cantor is currently on leave of absence, acting as Chief Scientific Officer at Sequenom, Inc. in San Diego, California. His research groups at Boston University continue to be active, and he visits at least once per month. Selected Recent Publications Guido NJ, Wang X, Adalsteinsson D, McMillen D, Hasty J, Cantor CR, Elston TC, Collins […]
  • David M. Center, M.D.

    Chief, Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine Gordon and Ruth Snider Professor of Pulmonary Medicine, Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry Associate Provost for Translational Research Director, Boston University Medical Campus Translational Research Institute (BME)
    Medical School: Boston University Internship: University Hospital, Boston University Residency: University Hospital, Boston University Fellowship: Boston University, Pulmonary Other Post-doctoral Fellowships/Training: Allergy and Immunology, Peter B. and Robert B. Brigham Hospitals, Harvard Medical School Selected Publications: Morgan, R, McAllister, B, Cross, L, Green, D, Kornfeld, H, Center, DM, and Cruikshank, WW. 2007 Histamine 4 receptor […]
  • Chandramouli Chandrasekaran, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Anatomy & Neurobiology, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Center for Systems Neuroscience, BME)
  • Anderson (Ichun) Chen, Ph.D.

    Lecturer, (BME) Micro Nano Imaging Facility Manager
  • Jerry Chen, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Biology, BME)
    Selected Publications Chen JL*, Voigt F*, Javadzadeh M, Kruppel R, Helmchen F. Long-range population dynamics of anatomically defined neocortical networks.  eLife. 2016 May 24;5. pii: e14679. *Equal contribution ( Helmchen F, Chen JL. Imaging the cortical representation of active sensing in the vibrissa system. Sensorimotor Integration in the Whisker System. Springer, 2015:109-128. Chen JL, Margolis […]
  • Ji-Xin Cheng, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, BME, MSE)
  • Brian Cleary, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (CDS, BME, Biology)
  • H. Steven Colburn, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (BME & ECE)
  • Brianne Connizzo, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Christopher Connor, M.D./Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor, (Anesthesiology, BME) • Director of Research, Department of Anesthesiology, BMC
    Selected Recent Publications Connor and Segal. “Computerized Facial Analysis To Predict Difficult Intubation” Annual Meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, New Orleans LA. (October 17-21 2009) Connor and Ferrigno. “Estimates of N2 narcosis and O2 toxicity during submarine escapes from 600 to 1000 fsw” Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine 36(4):237-245. (2009) Connor and Philip. “Closed-form […]
  • Qiang Cui, Ph.D.

    Professor (Chemistry, BME)
  • Charles DeLisi, Ph.D.

    Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering
  • Douglas Densmore, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, BME)
  • Brian DePasquale, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
  • Anna Devor, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, (BME)
  • Mary Dunlop, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (BME); Graduate Chair (BME)
  • Michael Economo, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Solomon Eisenberg, Sc.D.

    Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs, College of Engineering; Professor (BME, ECE)
  • Shyamsunder Erramilli, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE, BME)
    Publications: 12/14/14 Nonlinear Midinfrared Photothermal Spectroscopy Using Zharov Splitting and Quantum Cascade Lasers 08/10/10 Computational investigation of lipid hydration water of Lα 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-sn-glycero- 3-phosphocholine at three hydration levels 02/19/10 The potential of mean force of nitrous oxide in a 1,2-dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine lipid bilayer 09/13/08 Nitrous Oxide Vibrational Energy Relaxation Is a Probe of Interfacial Water in Lipid Bilayers 12/14/07 Nanoscale field […]
  • Evan Evans, Ph.D.

    Emeritus Professor, (BME) Professor, Physics and Pathology, University of British Columbia
  • Andy Fan, Ph.D.

    Lecturer (BME)
  • Maxim D. Frank-Kamenetskii, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (BME, MSE)
  • James Galagan, Ph.D.

    Professor, (BME, Microbiology)
  • Jeffrey Gavornik, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Biology, BME)
  • Lee Goldstein, M.D., Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, Boston University School of Medicine, Dept of Psychiatry
  • Alexander A. Green Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Mark Grinstaff, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, Chemistry, MSE, MED)
  • Stephen Grossberg, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, Psychology Wang Professor of Cognitive and Neural Systems Director, Center for Adaptive Systems
    Selected Recent Publications Cao, Y., Grossberg, S., and Markowitz, J. “How does the brain rapidly learn and reorganize view- and positionally-invariant object representations in inferior temporal cortex?” Neural Networks. 24: 1050-1061. (2011) Grossberg, S. and Kazerounian, S. “Laminar cortical dynamics of conscious speech perception: A neural model of phonemic restoration using subsequent context in noise” […]
  • Frank Guenther, Ph.D.

    Associate Director, Graduate Program for Neuroscience; Professor, (Speech, Language, & Hearing Science, BME)
    Selected Recent Publications Guenther, F.H., Cai, S., Ghosh, S.S., and Perkell, J.S. “Focal Manipulations of Formant Trajectories Reveal a Role of Auditory Feedback in the Online Control of Both Within-Syllable and Between-Syllable Speech Timing” Journal of Neuroscience . 31 (16483-90). (2011) Guenther, F.H., Golfinopoulos, E., and Tourville, J.A. “The Integration of Large-Scale Neural Network Modeling […]
  • James A. Hamilton, Ph.D.

    Professor, (Physiology, Biophysics, BME); Research Professor of Medicine
  • Xue Han, Ph.D.

    Professor, (BME)
  • Liangliang Hao, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Michael Hasselmo, Ph.D.

    Director of Center for Systems Neuroscience; Professor of (Psychological and Brain Science, BME)
    Publications Kraus BJ, Robinson RJ II, White JA, Eichenbaum H, and Hasselmo ME (2013) Hippocampal ‘time cells’: Time versus path integration. Neuron 78: 1090-1101. McKenzie S, Frank AJ, Kinsky NR, Porter B, Rivière PD, Eichenbaum H (2014) Hippocampal representation of related and opposing memories develop within distinct, hierarchically-organized neural schemas. Neuron 83:202-215. Preston AR and […]
  • Allyn Hubbard, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (ECE, BME)
  • Laertis Ikonomou, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BUSM, BME)
  • Diane Joseph-McCarthy, Ph.D.

    Executive Director, Bioengineering Technology & Entrepreneurship Center; Professor of the Practice (BME)
    Diane Joseph-McCarthy is the Executive Director of the Bioengineering Technology & Entrepreneurship Center (BTEC) and Professor of the Practice in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. Before joining BU, she was a senior life science executive with over 20 years of drug discovery, development, and leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. She was the […]
  • Kavon Karrobi, Ph.D.

    Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering; BTEC Manager
  • Simon Kasif, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, Bioinformatics, Computer Science)
    Prof. Kasif is a co-founder of the Center for Advanced Genomic Technology (CAGT) with Charles DeLisi, co-founder of COMBREX: COMPUTATIONAL BRIDGES TO EXPERIMENTS PROJECTwith Rich Roberts and Martin Steffen,, and a member of the I2B2 Center (Informatics for Integrating Biology and Bedside). He was a participant in the Human Genome Consortium that produced the […]
  • Ahmad (Mo) Khalil, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (BME)
  • Catherine M. Klapperich, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, MSE, ME)
    Catherine Klapperich is the Director of the Laboratory for Diagnostics and Global Healthcare Technologies and a member of the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  Before coming to Boston, Dr. Klapperich was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the lab of Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, and was a Senior Research Scientist at Aclara Biosciences in […]
  • Nancy Kopell, Ph.D.

    Professor, (Mathematics, BME); Co-Director, Center for BioDynamics
  • Laura Lewis, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Kenneth R. Lutchen, Ph.D.

    Dean, College of Engineering; Professor, BME
    View CV Dr. Kenneth R. Lutchen, is Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Boston University.  He has published over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles cited nearly 9,000 times.  His research uncovers the mechanisms that cause lung disease and novel methods for diagnosing lung disease. While Chair of BME the […]
  • Ann McKee, M.D.

    Professor (Neurology & Pathology, BUSM, BME) Director, Neuropathology Core
  • Pankaj Mehta, Ph.D.

    Professor, Physics (Physics, BME)
  • Jerome C. Mertz, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, ECE, Physics)
  • Hamid Nawab, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, BME)
  • John T. Ngo, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Hadi T. Nia, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME, MSE)
  • Elaine O. Nsoesie, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (SPH, BME)
  • George T. O’Connor, M.D.

    Professor, Medicine, BUSM
  • Timothy O’Shea, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Ioannis Paschalidis, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Professor of Engineering (ECE, BME, SE); Director, Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science and Engineering
  • Tyler Perrachione, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (Sargent College: Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences, BME)
  • Erica D. Pratt, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME, MSE)
  • Steve Ramirez, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Psychological & Brain Sciences, BME)
  • Tommaso Ranzani, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE, BME)
  • Robert M. G. Reinhart, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Psychological & Brain Sciences, BME); Director, Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory
  • Darren Roblyer, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, (BME, ECE)
  • Michelle Sander, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ECE, BME, MSE)
  • Benjamin Scott, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Psychological and Brain Sciences, BME)
  • Daniel Segrè, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, Bioinformatics, Biology, MSE)
  • Kamal Sen, Ph.D.

    Director, Natural Sounds and Neural Coding Laboratory; Director of Admissions and Recruitment for Master’s Programs; Associate Professor (BME)
  • Satish K. Singh, M.D.

    Assistant Professor (BUSM, BME)
  • Michael L. Smith, Ph.D.

    Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs; Associate Professor, (BME, MSE)
  • H. Eugene Stanley, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (Physics, BME, MSE)
  • Cara E. Stepp, Ph.D.

    Professor, Sargent College (Speech, Language, & Hearing Science, BME)
  • Robert A. Stern, Ph.D.

    Professor of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Anatomy, Neurobiology (BME)
  • Bela Suki, Ph.D.

    Professor, (BME, MSE)
  • Michelle Teplensky, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Lei Tian, PhD

    Assistant Professor (ECE, BME)
  • Joe Tien, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (BME, MSE)
  • Adriana Tomic, PhD

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • M. Selim Ünlü, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Professor (ECE, MSE, BME)
  • Sandor Vajda, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, SE)
  • Arturo Vegas, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Chem, BME, MSE)
  • David J. Waxman, Ph.D.

    Professor, (Biology, Medicine, BME)
    Selected Recent Publications Matthews BJ, Waxman DJ (2020) Impact of 3D genome organization, guided by cohesin and CTCF looping, on sex-biased chromatin interactions and gene expression in mouse liver. Epigenetics & Chromatin. 13:30. doi: 10.1186/s13072-020-00350-y. PMID: 32680543 Lau-Corona D, Bae WK, Hennighausen L, Waxman DJ. PLoS Genetics(2020) Sex-biased genetic programs in liver metabolism and liver […]
  • Alice White, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE, BME, Physics)
    Alice White joined the College of Engineering of Boston University in 2013 from Bell Labs, where she held various leadership positions including Director of Materials Physics Research, Director of Integrated Photonics Research, VP of the Physical Technologies Research Center, President of the NJ Nanotechnology Consortium, location leader for Bell Labs North America, and finally Chief […]