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  • Frank Guenther, Ph.D.

    Associate Director, Graduate Program for Neuroscience; Professor, (Speech, Language, & Hearing Science, BME)
    Selected Recent Publications Guenther, F.H., Cai, S., Ghosh, S.S., and Perkell, J.S. “Focal Manipulations of Formant Trajectories Reveal a Role of Auditory Feedback in the Online Control of Both Within-Syllable and Between-Syllable Speech Timing” Journal of Neuroscience . 31 (16483-90). (2011) Guenther, F.H., Golfinopoulos, E., and Tourville, J.A. “The Integration of Large-Scale Neural Network Modeling […]
  • Enrique Gutierrez Wing Ph.D.

    Master Lecturer
    Recent publications: Estrada, Q., Szwedowicz, D., Gutierrez-Wing, E., Silva-Aceves, J., Rodriguez-Mendez, A., Elias-Espinosa, M., Vergara-Vazquez, J., Bedolla-Hernandez, J., Energy absorption of single and multi-cell profiles under bending load considering damage evolution, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, vol. 233, Issue 8, 1 July 2019, Pages 2120-2138 Cruz, P., […]
  • James A. Hamilton, Ph.D.

    Professor, (Physiology, Biophysics, BME); Research Professor of Medicine
  • Xue Han, Ph.D.

    Professor, (BME)
  • Liangliang Hao, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Michael Hasselmo, Ph.D.

    Director of Center for Systems Neuroscience; Professor of (Psychological and Brain Science, BME)
    Publications Kraus BJ, Robinson RJ II, White JA, Eichenbaum H, and Hasselmo ME (2013) Hippocampal ‘time cells’: Time versus path integration. Neuron 78: 1090-1101. McKenzie S, Frank AJ, Kinsky NR, Porter B, Rivière PD, Eichenbaum H (2014) Hippocampal representation of related and opposing memories develop within distinct, hierarchically-organized neural schemas. Neuron 83:202-215. Preston AR and […]
  • William Hauser, Ph.D.

    Visiting Scholar (ME)
    Research Interests Product development * Manufacturing strategy * Product remanufacturing Professor Hauser teaches in the areas of engineering practice, product development, manufacturing strategy, and the interaction of technical decisions with the business environment.
  • Douglas P. Holmes, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Wanzheng Hu, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Allyn Hubbard, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (ECE, BME)
  • Laertis Ikonomou, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BUSM, BME)
  • Prakash Ishwar, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, SE)
  • Malika Jeffries-EL, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (Chemistry, MSE), Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  • Diane Joseph-McCarthy, Ph.D.

    Executive Director, Bioengineering Technology & Entrepreneurship Center; Professor of the Practice (BME)
    Diane Joseph-McCarthy is the Executive Director of the Bioengineering Technology & Entrepreneurship Center (BTEC) and Professor of the Practice in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. Before joining BU, she was a senior life science executive with over 20 years of drug discovery, development, and leadership experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. She was the […]
  • Ajay Joshi, PhD

    Professor (ECE)
  • Maria Kamenetska, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Chem, Physics, MSE)
  • W. Clem Karl, Ph.D.

    ECE Department Chair & Professor (ECE, BME, SE)
  • Kavon Karrobi, Ph.D.

    Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering; BTEC Manager
  • Simon Kasif, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, Bioinformatics, Computer Science)
    Prof. Kasif is a co-founder of the Center for Advanced Genomic Technology (CAGT) with Charles DeLisi, co-founder of COMBREX: COMPUTATIONAL BRIDGES TO EXPERIMENTS PROJECTwith Rich Roberts and Martin Steffen,, and a member of the I2B2 Center (Informatics for Integrating Biology and Bedside). He was a participant in the Human Genome Consortium that produced the […]
  • Ahmad (Mo) Khalil, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (BME)
  • Catherine M. Klapperich, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, MSE, ME)
    Catherine Klapperich is the Director of the Laboratory for Diagnostics and Global Healthcare Technologies and a member of the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.  Before coming to Boston, Dr. Klapperich was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in the lab of Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, and was a Senior Research Scientist at Aclara Biosciences in […]
  • William Klein, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE, ECE)
    Publications: 03/07/11 New Approach to Gutenberg-Richter Scaling 01/11/10 Cellular Automaton Model of Damage 04/14/09 Early time kinetics of systems with spatial symmetry breaking 03/02/07 Transient nucleation near the mean-field spinodal
  • Nancy Kopell, Ph.D.

    Professor, (Mathematics, BME); Co-Director, Center for BioDynamics
  • Robert Kotiuga, PhD

    Associate Professor (ECE)
  • Brian Kulis, PhD

    Associate Professor (ECE, SE)
  • Emma Lejeune, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME)
  • Lev Levitin, PhD

    Distinguished Professor (ECE, SE)
  • Laura Lewis, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Wenchao Li, PhD

    Assistant Professor (ECE, SE)
  • Xi Ling, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Chemistry, MSE)
  • Tony Linn, Ph.D.

    Professor of the Practice
  • Thomas Little, PhD

    Professor (ECE, SE) Associate Dean of Educational Initiatives
  • Alan Liu, PhD

    Assistant Professor (ECE, CS)
  • Sean Lubner

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)
    Sean Lubner, core faculty with the Boston University Institute for Global Sustainability (IGS), is an assistant professor at Boston University in mechanical engineering and materials science engineering. Before joining BU, Lubner was a research scientist at MIT and a Seaborg Fellow research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • Karl Ludwig, Ph.D.

    Associate Head (MSE) Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Kenneth R. Lutchen, Ph.D.

    Dean, College of Engineering; Professor, BME
    View CV Dr. Kenneth R. Lutchen, is Dean of the College of Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Boston University.  He has published over 150 peer-reviewed journal articles cited nearly 9,000 times.  His research uncovers the mechanisms that cause lung disease and novel methods for diagnosing lung disease. While Chair of BME the […]
  • Renato Mancuso

    Assistant Professor (CS, ECE)
  • Abraham Matta

    Professor (CS, SE) Associate Chair, Department of Computer Science
  • Malay Mazumder, Ph.D.

    Research Professor (ECE, MSE)
  • J. Gregory McDaniel, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, MSE)
  • Ann McKee, M.D.

    Professor (Neurology & Pathology, BUSM, BME) Director, Neuropathology Core
  • Pankaj Mehta, Ph.D.

    Professor, Physics (Physics, BME)
  • Michael Mendillo, PhD

    Professor (Astronomy, ECE)
  • Jerome C. Mertz, Ph.D.

    Professor (BME, ECE, Physics)
  • Pritiraj Mohanty, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Tali Moreshet, PhD

    ECE Associate Chair for Undergraduate Programs Senior Lecturer & Research Assistant Professor (ECE)
  • Elise Morgan, Ph.D.

    Maysarah K. Sukkar Professor of Engineering Design and Innovation (ME, MSE, BME) Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development
  • Theodore Morse, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (ECE, MSE)
  • Theodore Moustakas, Ph.D.

    Professor Emeritus (MSE, ECE) Distinguished Professor of Photonics and Optoelectronics
    Selected Publications T. D. Moustakas and R. Paiella, “Optoelectronic device physics and technology of nitride semiconductors from the UV to the terahertz: a review” (Invited) Rep. Prog. Phys. 80, 106501 (2017) T. D. Moustakas, “Ultraviolet Optoelectronic devices based on AlGaN alloys grown by MBE”, MRS Communications, Vol. 6, pp. 247-269 (2016) DOI:10.1557/mrc.2016.26 T. D. Moustakas […]
  • Ray Nagem, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME)
    Research Interests Structural dynamics * Random vibration * Wave propagation * Inverse problems Professor Nagem is developing a computational model for wave propagation in coupled fluid-elastic systems that he applies to large-scale problems in the ocean environment while a visiting scientist at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. He also specializes in the theory and applications […]
  • Dan Nathanson, D.M.D.

    Professor Emeritus (Restorative Sciences, Biomaterials, MSE)
    Publications: Lee, S. Y., Nathanson, D.and Giordano, R. (2001) Colour stability of a new light-cured ceramic stain system subjected to glazing temperature. J Oral Rehabil. 28 (5):457-62. Nathanson, D. (2000) The impact of biomaterials and research on dentistry.Pract. Perio. Aesthet. Dent. 12(1):68, 70. Papasotirion, O. S., Nathanson, D. and Goldstein, R. E. (2000) Computer imaging […]
  • Hamid Nawab, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, BME)
  • Ara Nazarian, Dr.Sc.

    Visiting Researcher Associate Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School
  • Bobak Nazer, PhD

    Associate Professor (ECE, SE)
  • Abdoulaye Ndao, PhD

    Assistant Professor (ECE, MSE)
  • John T. Ngo, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Hadi T. Nia, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME, MSE)
  • Elaine O. Nsoesie, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (SPH, BME)
  • George T. O’Connor, M.D.

    Professor, Medicine, BUSM
  • Timothy O’Shea, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME)
  • Eshed Ohn-Bar, PhD

    Assistant Professor (ECE)
  • Alexander Olshevsky, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ECE, SE)
  • Meers Oppenheim, PhD

    Professor (CAS, ECE)
  • Francesco Orabona, PhD

    Associate Professor (ECE, SE, CS)
  • Roberto Paiella, Ph.D.

    Professor (ECE, MSE)
  • Uday Pal, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE)
    Selected Publications • Zhikuan Zhu, Chibuzor Darl-Uzu, Uday Pal, Srikanth Gopalan, A Mohammed Hussain, Nilesh Dale, Yosuke Fukuyama, Yohei Miura, Yutaro Miyoshi, Soumendra Basu, “Comparison of Cu–Mn and Mn–Co Spinel Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47 (87), 2022, 36953-36963; • Zhikuan Zhu, Michelle Sugimoto, Uday Pal, Srikanth […]
  • Harold Park, Ph.D.

    Professor (ME, MSE)
    Research Interests Computational Nanomechanics * Mechanics of two-dimensional nanostructures * Mechanics of soft, active materials * Long timescale atomistic modeling for proteins and amorphous solids * Coupled physics (electro and opto-mechanical) nanoscale phenomena Harold Park is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University.  His research focuses on developing and applying new computational techniques for […]
  • Ioannis Paschalidis, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Professor of Engineering (ECE, BME, SE); Director, Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science and Engineering
  • Erol Peköz

    Professor (Operations & Technology, SE)
  • James R. Perkins, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (ME, SE)
    Professor Perkins is an affiliated faculty with the Center for Information and Systems Engineering (CISE) and a faculty member of the Division of Systems Engineering.  He is a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering […]
  • Tyler Perrachione, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor (Sargent College: Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences, BME)
  • Alyssa Pierson, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, SE)
  • Alan Pisano, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of the Practice (ECE)
  • Richard Pober, Sc.D.

    Research Assistant Professor Emeritus (Restorative Sciences, Biomaterials, MSE)
    Publications: Pober R. Reporting microhardness data in scientific publications. Journal of Dental Research. 77(10):1766, 1998 Oct. Campbell SD. Pelletier LB. Pober RL. Giordano RA. Dimensional and formation analysis of a restorative ceramic and how it works. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry. 74(4):332-40, 1995 Oct. Giordano R. Cima M. Pober R. Effect of surface finish on the […]
  • Anatoli Polkovnikov, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
    Publications: A. Polkovnikov, Phase space representation of quantum dynamics, Annals of Physics 325 , 1790 (2010). A. Polkovnikov, Microscopic diagonal entropy and its connection to basic thermodynamic relations, Annals of Physics 326 , 486 (2011). V. Gritsev, A. Polkovnikov, Dynamical Quantum Hall Effect in the Parameter Space, PNAS 109, 6457 (2012). M. Heyl, A. Polkovnikov, […]
  • Miloš Popović, PhD

    Associate Professor (ECE)
  • Erica D. Pratt, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (BME, MSE)
  • Siddharth Ramachandran, Ph.D.

    Distinguished Professor of Engineering (ECE, Physics, MSE)
  • Steve Ramirez, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Psychological & Brain Sciences, BME)
  • Tommaso Ranzani, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE, BME)
  • Claudio Rebbi, Ph.D.

    Professor (Physics, MSE)
  • Björn Reinhard, P.h.D.

    Professor (Chemistry, MSE)
  • Robert M. G. Reinhart, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (Psychological & Brain Sciences, BME); Director, Cognitive & Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory
  • Darren Roblyer, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor, (BME, ECE)
  • Sheila Russo, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor (ME, MSE)