What Is Nanotechnology?

Ready to think small? Nanotechnology is a rapidly expanding field that operates on a tiny scale—with engineers designing processes and devices as small as millionths of a millimeter. Engineers with expertise in nanotechnology are becoming increasingly valuable as our technology gets smaller and smaller—and more sophisticated.

Nanotechnology has applications in every engineering discipline, and engineers who specialize in nanotechnology contribute to life-altering innovations in a range of fields:

  • Medicine—where they’re delivering highly targeted medicines and creating synthetic DNA
  • Energy—where they’re creating nanomaterials for use in solar panels and fuel cells
  • Defense—where they’re designing nanoscale devices for detecting chemical and biological hazards

Graduate-Level Research

In addition, many of our graduate students are involved in nanotechnology research. Several of our labs and centers are dedicated to interdisciplinary research on a nanoscale. They include:

What Does BU Offer?

We offer a concentration in nanotechnology for undergraduates majoring in any field of engineering (mechanical, computer, electrical or biomedical), giving them dual expertise without adding extra courses to their curriculum.