Boston University Creating the Societal Engineer®

Advancing Our Quality of Life

The Societal Engineer has a sense of purpose and appreciation for how an engineering education and its experiences are superior foundations for improving society. To create the Societal Engineer, Boston University embeds not only the powerful, quantitative and creative problem-solving skills inherent to all engineers, but also a set of equally important complementary attributes:

  • Comfort and effectiveness at communication tasks
  • Systems-level thinking
  • Global awareness
  • A passion for, and understanding of, the innovation and entrepreneurial process from product design to deployment
  • Awareness of how public policies impact technology innovation and advancement
  • A social consciousness and appreciation for how products advance our quality of life while creating jobs and economic opportunity

The Societal Engineer inspires people from many backgrounds to work together to help create a safer, greener, more sustainable, healthier, better-connected, more energy-efficient and productive world with enough food, drinkable water and economic opportunity for all.

Moving Society Forward

Boston University has created a uniquely dynamic and empowering approach to all its engineering programs which instills the attributes that define College of Engineering Dean Kenneth R. Lutchen’s vision of the Societal Engineer.

Societal Engineers can influence the real world not only in engineering and technology innovation, but by pursuing management, finance, government, medicine, law or another profession where their engineering backgrounds provide the foundation needed to improve society.