By Rich Barlow

Boston University’s Arthur G. B. Metcalf Chair, recognizing an internationally known scholar in mathematics, science, or engineering, has been awarded to David Boas, a College of Engineering professor of biomedical, electrical, and computer engineering. The professsorship, which is for a five-year renewable term, provides support for recipients’ research and scholarship.

“I am, of course, quite honored to be recognized by BU in this way for the work that I have done,” says Boas. “It also means a great deal to me that BU has the trust in me to use this professorship to help further enrich the BU community. I’ll take this as a new challenge going forward.”

“David [Boas] is among the elite world leaders in all of neuroengineering and neuroscience,” Kenneth Lutchen, dean of ENG and a professor of biomedical engineering, wrote in nominating Boas for the Metcalf Chair. “David combines neuroscience, bioengineering, photonics and optics, imaging science, computation, and data science all to transform our understanding of brain structure and function” to develop treatments for diseases.

Boas developed high-resolution imaging of cerebral blood flow, advancing medical understanding of ailments from migraines to strokes, while also developing complementary “robust measurements” of oxygen flow to the brain, Lutchen wrote.

In a discipline dependent on numbers, numbers sum up Boas’s accomplishments, the dean added: his research has garnered 49,000 citations, including more than 300 papers with more than 10 citations each.

Boas’ research is supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. He received his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

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