ECE Graduate Student Teams Up to Win 2019 IMS/RFIC Graduate Student Challenge Award

ECE Graduate Student Qijun Liu, a PhD student in the Wireless Integrated Systems and Extreme Circuits group, advised by Professor Rabia Tugce Yazicigil, recently won the 2019 IMS/RFIC Graduate Student Challenge Award. The challenge was to present a new idea that was related to machine learning & quantum computing, radar system and technology, and THz & mm-Wave systems.  With the help of her fellow peers, Martins Ezuma (North Carolina State University) and Amy Robinson (University of Colorado, Boulder), they joined forces to spread the knowledge of their new idea. They titled their project, “Satellite-based postoperative vital signs monitoring using FMCW radar, ingestible biosensors, and deep auto-encoder network”. 


The trio designed and created a poster to present their new found knowledge to a group of judges that are well respected and well-known members of the microwave engineering community. They displayed their work to the judges how they envisioned to incorporate advanced radar sensors, biomedical sensors, satellite communication, and machine learning to support medical assistance in rural areas. The system that they want to create will also provide an affordable health care option for any age everywhere, especially for elderly people who have difficulty in accessing healthcare services.


The Graduate Student Challange was born in 2011 at IMS and has continued to encourage the collaboration of minds and forge new ideas across the country. For more information about the challenge, go to