FACULTY BRIEFS: Two ECE Professors Receive Awards for Paper, Thesis


Janusz Konrad
Janusz Konrad

Janusz Konrad, an associate professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, recently received news that he won the EURASIP Image Communication Journal Best Paper Award for 2004-2005. Konrad received his post graduate degree at McGill University and master’s at Technical University in Poland. The paper, “Motion analysis in 3D DCT Domain and its Application to Video Coding,” authored by Konrad and Nikola Bozinovic, a recent doctoral student from BU, explores the relationship between space-time and 3-D discrete cosine transform, or DCT, characteristics, and “an end-to-end video coding solution developed using the three-dimensional (3-D) DCT.” 

Their paper was selected by the Editorial Board and Awards Committee of the European Association for Signal, Speech and Image Processing (EURASIP).The paper appeared in Signal Processing: Image Communication. The paper was also among the top 25 downloaded
papers from Signal Processing: Image Communication journal.
This award is granted every few years only if a noteworthy paper is found.

Both of the authors will receive a prize of €1,000, which will be presented at the EURASIP convention in Florence, Italy in September.

Click here to download the paper: http://top25.sciencedirect.com/?journal_id=09235965

Masoud Sharif, an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been awarded the 2006 Charles Wilts Prize. Sharif, who began working at Boston University this January, completed his doctorate at the California Institute of Technology in 2005. Professor Sharif’s award-winning doctoral thesis is on “Broadband Wireless Broadcast Channels: Throughput, Performance, and PAPR Reduction.”  

Since 1992, the California Institute of Technology has honored one student in memory of the scientist and teacher Charles Wilts.

“The Charles Wilts Prize is awarded every year to one EE graduate student for outstanding independent research in electrical engineering leading to a PhD,” said Bahaa Saleh, the Chair of the ECE department. “I am delighted to announce that Masoud Sharif has been awarded the Caltech 2006 Wilts Prize for the best doctoral thesis at Caltech.”

More information on Professor Sharif’s doctoral thesis can be found at http://etd.caltech.edu/etd/available/etd-08292005-100440/

Masoud Sharif
Masoud Sharif