Christos Cassandras Named President-Elect of IEEE Control Systems Society

Professor Christos Cassandras (ECE)
Professor Christos Cassandras (ECE)

Professor Christos Cassandras (ECE), head of the Division of Systems Engineering at Boston University, was recently named president-elect of the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS).

“It is always flattering to be asked by one’s colleagues within a scientific community to take on a leadership position,” said Cassandras. “The challenge is to manage to make a difference.”

The IEEE Control Systems Society, an international scientific, engineering, and professional organization that was founded in 1954, is dedicated to the advancement of research, development and practice in automation and control systems.

The society and its members are involved in a number of activities, including publishing journals and a magazine, holding conferences and sponsoring committees in various areas of technical specialization.

Cassandras isn’t the first BU faculty member to hold a prominent title in the CSS. Both Professor David Castañón (ECE), ad interim department chair of the ECE Department, and Professor John Baillieul (ME), have previously served as president of the CSS.