Professor John Baillieul named 40th president of IEEE Control Systems Society


Please join me in congratulating Professor and AME Chair John Baillieul on his recent election as the 40th President of the IEEE Control Systems Society. 
The IEEE is the world’s largest professional organization.  Technical activities of the IEEE, including conferences and the publication of archival journals, are organized within 39 professional societies covering a wide range of electrotechnology subdisciplines from solid state circuits and electron devices to computers, communications, and information theory.  One of these societies is the fifty year old Control Systems Society, whose founding in 1954 coincided with the launch of the American space program.  
John has been elected 40-th President of the IEEE Control Systems Society.  He continues a long line of distinguished control engineers, who have helped sustain and grow the Society into the leading organization in the field. At this writing, the Society has slightly fewer than 10,000 members around the world.  The Society publishes three journals: the Control Systems Magazine, the Transactions on Automatic Control, and the Transactions on Control Systems Technology.  The Transactions on Automatic Control is widely regarded as the leading journal in the field.  The Control Systems Society also has primary responsibility for running three of the leading annual conferences in the field, the American Control Conference, the Conference on Control Applications, and flagship IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.  In addition to these, the Society co-sponsors or participates in a wide variety of smaller conferences and workshops dealing with topics of interest to the control engineering community.