SNL Projects

Faculty collaborate with partners to research and explore science, innovation and the development and adoption of sustainable technologies in urban neighborhoods,  including the BU campus.

Project areas include:

Energy and Buildings

Framework for Advanced Sustainable Buildings
Cutting Costs and Carbon Footprints in Buildings, Power Transmission Lines and Computing Centers
Professors Michael Caramanis, John Baillieul, Michael Gevelber
Assessing Building Energy Efficiency
Professor Michael Gevelber
Enhancing Energy Efficiency for Urban Housing
Understanding how human behavior and economic decisions impact energy efficiency in an urban housing environment.
Professors Robert Kaufmann, Nalin Kulatilaka, Enrique Silva, Michael Gevelber

Urban Environment

Metabolism of Boston
Professors Lucy Hutyra, Nathan Phillips, plus other Boston University colleagues
Lost and Unaccounted Natural Gas: Energy, Economics, and Environment

Professors Lucy Hutyra, Nathan Phillips

Urban Land Use

Learn, Play, Grow at Codman Green: Vision and Planning
Professors Enrique Silva, Rachel Black, Jon Levy
Spencer Whitfield Open Space Project
Professor Enrique Silva

Urban Infrastructure

Balancing User Satisfaction and Transportation Cost in the Hubway
Professors Evimaria Terzi, Suchi Gopal, Nathan Phillips
Combating Climate Change Through Smarter Urban Transportation Policies
Professors Lucy Hutyra, Christos Cassandras, Mark Crovella,  Janusz Konrad
Smart Parking
Professor Christos Cassandras