ENACT Faculty Presentations

ENACT Faculty regularly present as experts at scientific meetings around the country.  Click on the links below to view the presentation slides from selected events (listed in reverse chronological order).

The Work-it Study for People with Arthritis: Study Protocol and Baseline Sample Characteristics
Keysor, JJ., AlHeresh, R. Learn at Work series, WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation, October 17 2016, Boston, MA (video!)

Early Workplace and Psychosocial Risk Factors for Prolonged Work Disability for Patients with Low Back Pain- Can I Identify and Solve them in my Clinical Practice?
Keysor, JJ. Panel. NECOEM Annual Meeting, December 3-4 2015, Newton, MA.

When Pain Gets in the Way: Overcoming Barriers to Physical Activity
Keysor, JJ. Platform, ICAA Conference, November 19-21st, 2015, New Orleans, LA.

Active living with Arthritis: Innovation of ENACT
Keysor, JJ., Symposia. Maxwell, JL., Ledingham, A., APTA MA Chapter Annual Meeting, November 14th, 2015, Norwood, MA.

Return to Work and Work Entry: What We Know from Research and Practice
Keysor, JJ. Symposia. American College of Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals Annual Meeting. November 7-11, 2015. San Francisco, CA.

Epidemiology and Clinical Management  (part of Optimal Arthritis Management: Bridging Clinic to the Community)
Keysor, JJ. APTA-CSM, February 4-7 2015, Indianapolis, IN

Environmental Barriers to Exercise for People with Arthritis
Vaughan, M. ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting, November 14-19 2014, Boston, MA

Promoting Activity and Participation among People with Arthritis: Updates from the Field
Keysor, JJ.  NARRTC Annual Meeting, April 25th 2014, Alexandria, VA

The Effect of Knee Replacement in Self-Reported Participation and Gait Speed: The MOST Study and the Osteoarthritis Initiative
Maxwell, JL, Felson DT, et al.  APTA-CSM, February 3-6, 2014, Las Vegas, NV.

Automated Telephone-Linked Communication: A Novel Approach To Enhance Long-Term Adherence to Resistance Training Exercise Among People with Knee Osteoarthritis
Baker, KR, Ledingham AL, et al.  ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting, November 23-30, 2013, San Diego, CA

The Chronic Burden of Living with Arthritis: How Patients Can Take Control
Baker, KR and Maxwell, JL.  Massachusetts Association on Older Americans: Program on Chronic Pain, Older Adults and Mental Health, May 15 2013. Worcester, MA

The Effect of Knee Replacement on Participation Restrictions: The Multicenter Osteoarthritis Study
Maxwell JL, et al. NARRTC Annual Meeting, April 18-19 2013 Washington, DC

Telephone Counseling for Long-Term Adherence to Strength Training for Knee Osteoarthritis (OA): A Pilot Study
Baker KR, et al, presented by Ledingham, A.  NARRTC Annual Meeting, April 18-19, 2013 Washington, DC

Promoting Participation: Where is the Field and Where Do We Go Next?
Keysor JJ. ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, November 9-14 2012 Washington, DC

Participation in Adults Post Total Knee Joint Replacement
Maxwell, J. ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, November 9-14 2012 Washington, DC

Work Disability and Employment Retention
AlHeresh, R. ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, November 9-14 2012 Washington, DC

Participation and Community Dwelling Adults with Arthritis
Keysor JJ, et al. ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, November 9-14 2012 Washington, DC

Arthritis Work Disability: Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Employment Retention
Allaire, Keysor. NARRTC Annual Meeting, April 25-26 2012 Washington, DC

To P or not to P? Knowing When the P-value is Less than Useful
LaValley, White. ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, Nov 6-9 2011 Chicago, IL

Community Mobility Barriers Predict the Development of 30-Month Disability
Keysor JJ, et al. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Feb 9-12 2011 New Orleans, LA

Formation of Solutions for Rheumatic Condition-related Work Barriers by Occupational and Physical Therapists
Allaire, Keysor.  ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, Nov 7-11 2010 Atlanta GA

Positive Affect Predicts the Development of Disability over 30-Months: The MOST Study
Keysor JJ, et al.  ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, Nov 7-11 2010 Atlanta GA

Work Assessments: A How-To That Could Save Your Patient’s Life (Job)
Keysor JJ, et al. ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, Nov 7-11 2010 Atlanta GA