WES-RC Instrument

The Work Experience Survey-Rheumatic Conditions (WES-RC) is a clinical tool to help individuals identify arthritis-related work barriers and form their own unique accommodation plans. Like its predecessor, the Work Experience Survey (WES), the WES-RC takes the form of a structured interview and is designed for flexible administration and to address a broad range of workplace barriers.  While the original WES survey was designed broadly for people with all types of disabilities, the WES-RC removed barriers extraneous to rheumatic conditions to improve efficiency and added rheumatic-condition specific barriers not previously included, such as commuting difficulties.

ENACT’s Work-it Study is examining how well the survey to reduces work limitation over 2-years following use of the WES-RC.

The WES-RC was designed to be administered by rehabilitation professionals, like occupational and physical therapists and vocational rehabilitation counselors. The Administration Guide and Solutions Manual for the WES-RC may be made available upon request.  Contact enact@bu.edu

Download the full WES-RC instrument by clicking on the link below: