Exercise 3: Knee Extension

This exercise targets the front thigh muscles, or quadriceps. It can help to strengthen your knee, reducing pain from arthritis of the knee. Do this exercise with the knee curl, as the muscles targeted in these two exercises work together.

Materials: Sturdy, armless chair; ankle weights. Optional: Chair cushion.

1. Put on your ankle weight.
2. Sit in the chair with your back and hips against the back of the chair. Keep your knees at a 90° angle, only resting your toes on the ground. If your seat is too low, add cushioning to heighten the chair or roll up a towel and place it under your knees. Rest your arms on your thighs or at your side. Place feet shoulder-width apart.
3. In a 1-2-Up count, extend your left leg out as straight as possible.
4. Pause for one second when your leg is as high as you can lift it without pain, or when your leg is parallel to the ground.
5. In a 1-2-3-Down count, slowly lower your leg back to a 90° angle.
6. Complete 10 repetitions of this exercise for each foot, this is one set. Rest for 30 seconds, then complete the second set.

Knee extension

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Try these progressions for this exercise:
Progression 1: Start with 3 pounds in each ankle weight for women and 5 pounds in each ankle weight for men. Increase the weight by 1 to 2 pounds with each workout until you are at an intensity level of 4.
Progression 2: Continue to increase the weight by 1-2 pounds as you become stronger in order to maintain the intensity of 4.
Progression 3: Vary the position of the foot by rotating the foot from the hip, not the ankle.

Check your intensity level