Living Well

Although exercise is important, living well with arthritis entails more than being physically active alone.  ENACT’s goal is to support people with arthritis to participate fully in their daily lives, including work and social activities.  The Center seeks to lead and participate in the development of high quality strategies and resources aimed at reducing the burden of living with arthritis and other rheumatic conditions by directly promoting enhanced participation.

In this section, you’ll find information on several different areas that contribute to “Living Well” with arthritis:

  • What is “Participation”? – the term “participation” can mean different things in different contexts.  This page explains the term as used the field of rehabilitation research
  • Tools for People with Arthritis – ENACT’s collection of resources, both ENACT-created and external, for people living daily with arthritis
  • Exercise & Arthritis – A collection of resources specifically for improving physical activity, including information on strength training and walking for exercise
  • Employment & Arthritis – A collection of resources specifically for helping people with arthritis navigate work-related challenges
  • Arthritis Information This section contains an overview of the impact of arthritis in the US today on participation in daily tasks, including employment, and the benefits of physical activity.  You will also find a glossary of useful terms to help you make sense of the information available and to help you communicate with your medical team.
  • Active Living with Arthritis Podcast Series – Easy-to-access recordings in our Podcast Series contain useful information for incorporating activity into daily life.
  • Arthritis & the Environment – Our individual and community environment can impact how well we participate in our daily activities. Find out more here
  • Total Knee Replacement – This is a common treatment for advanced knee osteoarthritis, but how does it affect participation and active living?