Student Exercise Instructors Implement New Skills at Roxbury’s Reggie Lewis Center

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November 16th, 2011

Three DPT students at the Boston University College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College, Laura Furey, Janice Chen, and Stefanie Howlett, are leading the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program at the Reggie Lewis Center (RLC) in Boston, MA.

Twice a week, 30 seniors meet to discuss general health topics related to arthritis management, exercise, and falls prevention and participate in an exercise class aimed to enhance strengthening, stretching, and aerobic endurance.

Laura Furey notes ”The class has been great! Each week we have more participants attending our class. The seniors at the RLC are all active and eager to participate in the classes and learn more about exercise. Their high levels of energy and enthusiasm about the class have made this an enjoyable experience. It has been an invaluable experience to promote physical activity within the community and we look forward to the remainder of the classes.”

Congratulations to Laura, Janice and Stefanie for completing the program and becoming certified Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Instructors!

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