The Radiofrequency Program

Note: All roofs that contain RF emitters are posted. Access to these areas are restricted and may require personal monitoring, RF awareness training, and an escort. Please contact OEHS and the RFSO if you need access to these areas.

“RF” Emission Signage

RF Program Overview:

The Division of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety is responsible for ensuring that all RF generating devices are used safely and in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and BU regulations, guides, and best industry practices.  DMPRS conducts RF antenna surveys, maintains current inventory, and offers training and expertise.

RF radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum (3KHz – 300 GHz). The currently accepted biological effects of RF overexposure are thermal burns and electrical shock.  RF generating devices at BU/BMC are most commonly used for telecommunication purposes.

Please contact the RFSO by email or phone (617) 358-7688 if you have any questions or concerns in regards to RF equipment or usage areas.