Radioisotope Safety

Radiation Safety is responsible for ensuring that all clinical and research use of radioactive materials throughout the Boston University Campuses and at the Boston Medical Center is performed safely for workers, patients, and the general public, and is in compliance with all applicable regulations. These responsibilities are carried out by implementing a program for authorizing and controlling all use and disposal of radioisotopes. Some additional elements of the program as described in the Radiation Safety Manual are provided below:

Handling Precautions

*Please visit Perkin Elmer or other vendor for additional compound specific details.

Regulations & Reference

To use radioactive materials and/or radiation generating devices, an institution must detail the full extent and breadth of their radiation protection program to ensure compliance with numerous regulations prior to licensure. As these are minimum requirements, Boston University Radiation Safety consistently takes a more stringent stance on many issues as our main goal is to embody the concepts of ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) as well as environmental protection.

Although regulations are the cornerstone of a radiation protection program there is a vast library of important technical documents, manuals, and literature that must be constantly reviewed and synthesized to maintain a relevant and robust program.

The following are some of the major regulations regarding radiation/radioisotopes: