Equipment Decontamination Information for Contractors and Facilities Workers

Equipment used in laboratories may come in contact with infectious biological materials, chemicals, radioactive materials or other hazardous materials. Before servicing or disposing of laboratory equipment, keep these points in mind.

Be aware of the hazards of materials used with the equipment.

The Laboratory Safety Coordinator or other laboratory personnel can provide information about the materials with which the equipment was used. Ask to talk to the Laboratory Safety Coordinator prior to servicing or disposing of the equipment.

Ensure the equipment has been properly decontaminated.

Boston University and Boston Medical Center have a Laboratory Decontamination and Decommissioning program to ensure that equipment is properly decontaminated prior to relocation or disposal. Laboratory personnel decontaminate equipment before EHS reviews and approves of the decontamination. After EHS has ensured proper decontamination, a green sticker is affixed. Equipment may not be removed or disposed until it has a green sticker and EHS staff have deemed it safe for disposal by signing at the bottom of the green sticker. Note that the green sticker is only valid for 15 days from the date indicated on the sticker.

Ensure the equipment itself is safe.

Prior to performing maintenance on laboratory equipment, ensure that you have taken precautions to isolate any hazardous energy, such as unplugging the equipment. Follow Lock Out/Tag Out procedures as necessary.

Equipment disposal:

Before disposing of laboratory equipment, remember:

  • Equipment must have a green sticker attached. Green stickers ensure that laboratory equipment has been properly decontaminated.
  • Ensure that hazardous materials have been removed. Some equipment may contain oil, mercury, refrigerants, etc. These materials must be removed before the equipment is disposed.

If you have any questions as to whether equipment is safe for servicing or disposal, contact Environmental Health & Safety for assistance.