Undergraduate Academic Advisor


Patrick Guziewicz is an Undergraduate Academic Advisor in the Department of Economics, responsible for advising students on all matters related to the Economics, Economics/Mathematics, and Computer Science/Economics degree programs. His approach to advising is shaped by his commitment to providing holistic, student-centric support – an approach that recognizes and considers things that can impact academic performance including personal, social, emotional, and professional well-being.

Patrick earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology from the University of Maine at Augusta and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from William James College in Newton, MA. Prior to starting his work as an academic advisor, Patrick worked as a paramedic and later as a mental health clinician and case manager. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and their 2 cats, Cheddar and Camembert. He also enjoys writing, reading, playing music (trombone, primarily), and playing video games.