Student Supplements

Principles of Economics in Context, Second Edition
by Neva Goodwin, Jonathan Harris, Julie Nelson, Pratistha Joshi Rajkarnikar,
Brian Roach, & Mariano Torras

Student Supplementary Materials

If you are an instructor, contact ECI for information about access to the instructor supplements.

The student supplements to Principles of Economics in Context, Second Edition include a Student Study Guide and PowerPoint Slides containing the figures and tables printed in the textbook. The Study Guide provides students with material that will help them review and understand the concepts presented in the text. It includes chapter objectives, key terms, active review questions including fill-in-the-blank, true/false, short answer questions, problems, and a self-test of 20 multiple-choice questions for each chapter.

Complete Student Study Guide for all chapters [.pdf]

PART ONE: The Context for Economic Analysis

PART TWO: Basic Economic Analysis

PART THREE: Economics and Society

PART FOUR: Essential Topics for Contemporary Economics

PART FIVE: Resources, Production, and Market Organization

PART SIX: Macroeconomic Basics

PART SEVEN: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

PART EIGHT: Macroeconomic Issues and Applications

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