Research Assistant Professor

Curriculum Vitae


intersection of remote sensing and ecology, mapping and monitoring of landscape dynamics

Select Publications

  • Pasquarella, V.J., J.S. Elkinton, B.A. Bradley. 2018. “Extensive gypsy moth defoliation in Southern New England characterized using Landsat satellite observations.” Biological Invasions 20(11), 3047-3053. doi:10.1007/s10530-018-1778-0.
  • Pasquarella, V.J., C.E. Holden, C.E. Woodcock. 2018. “Improved mapping of forest type using spectrotemporal Landsat features.” Remote Sensing of Environment 210, 193-207.
  • Pasquarella, V.J., B.A. Bradley and C.E. Woodcock. 2017. “Near-real-time monitoring of insect defoliation using Landsat time series.” Forests 8(8), 275. doi:10.3390/f8080275.
  • Pasquarella, V.J., C.E. Holden, L.K. Kaufman and C.E. Woodcock. 2016. “From imagery to ecology: Leveraging time series of all available Landsat observations to map and monitor ecosystem state and dynamics.” Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 2(3): 152-170. doi:10.1002/rse2.24.

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