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My interest in the Earth Sciences began as a love for the outdoors, usually manifested as some sort of adventure exploring the biology and geology of mountains, oceans, and streams. Later, I learned to make observations from the microscopic to global scale and to use these observations to better understand the past and current evolution of our planet. Radiogenic isotope geology is crucial in calibrating the absolute rates of the earth’s evolutionary processes and in seamlessly piecing together the sequence of earth history. My research interests encompass an understanding of the processes associated with the tectonic, geochemical, and thermal evolution of the continental lithosphere and mantle. In engaging these interests, I can integrate igneous and metamorphic petrology, major and trace element geochemistry, radiogenic isotope and geochronological tools, and thermal and chemical diffusive modeling to probe samples of the continental crust and underlying lithospheric mantle. The cross-disciplinary application of isotope geochemistry and geochronology is a growing field in the Earth Sciences, and in recent years, I have delved into the new and exciting subjects of historical climate records, geobiology, and archeology.


  • Google: Citation, 1034; h-index, 17; i10-index, 22
  • Research Gate: 27.09 (100% Publications)

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