Computational Facilities

The department features extensive computational resources available for a wide range of applications, from data analysis to numerical modeling. The Computational Geophysics lab currently includes 6 Apple MacPro workstations with dual quad-core Intel Xeon processors used for advanced computational fluid dynamic modeling and data processing applications. The workstations are connected using Apple’s Xgrid software to allow for parallelized computing. Additional computing resources—including a 1024 node IBM BlueGene, a 112 processor IBM P690, and a 48 processor IBM P655—are available to researchers in the Earth & Environment department through BU’s Scientific Computing & Visualization (SCV) group. Visualization facilities, including a Deep Vision Display Wall and a Pyramid Systems Immersadesk, are also available through the SCV.

The department also maintains a general purpose computer lab featuring a number of Macintosh and Windows desktop machines.