Diversity enriches all research and education, and is realized only with all voices, views, and perspectives operating within a supportive and respectful community. The Department of Earth & Environment is committed to fostering diverse, inclusive, and equitable living, learning, and working environments that are supportive and free from violence, harassment, disruption, and intimidation.

The Department of Earth & Environment recognizes that creating a safe environment and a culture of respect is the shared responsibility of all members of our community. To ensure an equitable environment that values and respects the unique experiences and perspectives of current and prospective members of our community, the Department will:

  • promote diversity, inclusion, and equity among all members of our departmental community;
  • foster healthy and equitable relationships; and
  • encourage open, honest, and compassionate communication.

In order to demand continuous accountability to these commitments within our Department, the Inclusion and Diversity Committee will lead a series of ongoing efforts, including those we’ve accomplished since our inception in 2018:

  • sponsoring department-wide diversity and inclusion trainings;
  • integrating discussions of diversity in the classroom;
  • engaging in department-wide harassment awareness and prevention trainings;
  • maintaining a curated collection of diversity- and harassment-related resources available to all faculty, staff, and students, including resources and support for victims/survivors; and
  • sharing what we have learned with the BU community.


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