The Department maintains a variety of field and laboratory equipment for conducting coastal and sedimentological research. For studies of estuaries and tidal inlets, the department has two small boats (a Zodiac Inflatable RIB Pro7 with a 40 hp motor and a 21-ft aluminum hull Black Lab research boat) and instrumentation, including:

  • A Sontek ADV for wave and current measurements
  • Two OBS from D&A Instrument Company for measurement of sediment concentrations in the water column
  • Three Nortek Aquadopp ADCPs for measuring water velocities throughout the water column
  • A Nortek Aquadopp current meter
  • Two TWR2050 Tide and Wave recorder
  • A Van Veen grab sampler
  • Various shallow water instrument deployment frames

For onshore stratigraphic and sedimentologic research, the Department has:

  • A complete vibracore apparatus
  • Eidelmann, Dutch, and pulse augers
  • A Geoprobe Systems Geoprobe Model 7720DT
  • GSSO model 5106 Ground Penetrating Radar with 200 MHz antennae
  • A Topcon Total Station
  • A Pentax CS32 Total Station

The sedimentology laboratory includes equipment for textural analysis of sediment (e.g., sieves, Rotap, pipette analysis), mineralogical analysis (e.g., binocular microscopes), porosity, and loss on ignition (e.g., high temperature furnaces).

For further information, contact Professor Duncan FitzGerald.