The Department’s SEM system is a ThermoFisher/Phenom ProX table-top SEM capable of magnifying samples from 80x to 100,000x and ultimate resolution around 17 nm.  It uses a long-lifetime thermionic source (CeB6), with acceleration voltages of 5, 10 and 15kV.  The ProX is equipped with a back-scattered electron detector and an energy dispersive detector.  A light-optical, color video system makes sample navigation quite easy, helping the user get up to speed very quickly.

Sample constraints:  Samples must be less than 32 mm in diameter and less than 100 mm in height.  We are not able to analyze any sample that is either wet or will degas in a high vacuum (i.e., most biologicals), or any fine-grained, magnetic powders.  If needed, we do have a Denton Vacuum Sputter Coater for gold-coating samples.

For more information, please contact laboratory manager Dr. Joel Sparks.