Professors Suchi Gopal and Magaly Koch publish with MA graduate Mira Kelly-Fair

Mira Kelly-Fair, a recent Master of Arts graduate in Earth & Environment, and incoming PhD student with Professor Suchi Gopal, recently published in MDPI’s open-access journal, Sustainability. The publication, Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Changes through the Lends of SDG’s in Semarang, Indonesia, had various collaborators that included Earth & Environment’s Professor Suchi Gopal and Research Associate Professor Magaly Koch.


Land Use and Land Cover Changes (LULCC) are occurring rapidly around the globe, particularly in developing island nations. We use the lens of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to determine potential policies to address LULCC due to increasing population, suburbia, and rubber plantations in Semarang, Indonesia between 2006 and 2015. Using remote sensing, overlay analysis, optimized hot spot analysis, expert validation, and Continuous Change Detection and Classification, we found that there was a spread of urban landscapes towards the southern and western portions of Semarang that had previously been occupied by forests, plantations, agriculture, and aquaculture. We also witnessed a transition in farming from agriculture to rubber plantations, a cash crop. The implications of this study show that these geospatial analyses and big data can be used to characterize the SDGs, the complex interplay of these goals, and potentially alleviate some of the conflicts between disparate SDGs. We recommend certain policies that can assist in preserving the terrestrial ecosystem of Semarang (SDG 15) while creating a sustainable city (SDG 11, SDG 9) and providing sufficient work for individuals (SDG 1) in a growing economy (SDG 8) while simultaneously maintaining a sufficient food supply (SDG 2).

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