Students Present Innovative Energy Program Ideas to Local And National Energy Experts

On February 22nd, Daniel Daponte and Valentina Vaney presented their ideas for municipal action to accelerate the adoption of solar and novel solar placement to the Municipal Sustainable Energy Forum, a discussion group of experts on energy policy for communities.  Daponte and Ian Galinson previously presented their work to the Sustainable Lexington (Massachusetts) committee, which had requested follow-up to a presentation by Gritzko Erickson entitled “Solar Without Cutting Down Trees”.

Attendees were particularly interested in Daponte’s concept of using a demonstrated public-private partnership model for towns to propose community solar on local industrial campuses, with some of the benefits available to low-income residents and for public facilities.  The students’ suggestions for how solar can be located by highways and under power lines, and how towns can act to assist small businesses in solar adoption were also well-received.

See the recording of the event at:, 2.22.2022 “Creative Solutions for the Implementation of Solar Projects within Municipalities”.