Congratulations to graduate coordinator Alissa Beideck!

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May 10th, 2017

This April, academic administrators in CAS and GRS were recognized with a luncheon for all their invaluable work and service to their students, their departments, our College, and our University. A few administrators in particular were recognized for demonstrating truly outstanding service over the past academic year. Specifically, their chairs, faculty members, or peers nominated them for performing responsibilities at an outstanding level, demonstrating exceptional care for students, serving as a role model for others, and promoting exceptional working relationships both within a department and across the University.  Our 2017 Outstanding Service Award Winners were Jessica Aither (GRS), Alissa Beideck (CAS Earth & Environment), Wendy Czik (CAS Religion), Chris DeVits (CAS Computer Science), Liz Tingley (CAS Neurosciene), and for her outstanding partnership with our College, Liza Burke Bates (Office of the University Registrar).