About the Student Conflict Resolution Program


informal, voluntary, informed, unbiased mindful private self-determined, shared community responsibilityCommunication can be hard at times. We believe that most disagreement can be settled through open authentic dialogue. Our programming is informal, voluntary, and proactive.

Mission: Through the lens of shared community responsibility, we offer an array of programming aimed at infusing the campus with students who are able to have deep authentic conversations, the skills to resolve their own conflicts, build long-lasting relationships, and take ownership of our shared community.

Staff: Stacey G. Harris, J.D. harriss@bu.edu

Contact us: Please contact Stacey Harris at harriss@bu.edu. Project email address coming soon.

Sponsored by: Dean of Students

What can you do here?

  • Learn the art of real conversations
  • Develop self-awareness of how you come to conflict
  • Grow comfortable with discomfort
  • Resolve your own disputes
  • Proactively look at disputes and conflict
  • Actively participate in our community
  • Speak the language of conflict resolution
  • Reduce misunderstanding before it grows into conflict
  • Locate neutral spaces to engage in real conversations
  • Become more mindful
  • Develop skills to help others in our community and beyond

News about our program is spreading across BU. Read more about our program and its founder in BU Today.

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