Performance: Creighton Baxter: For N

  • Starts: 5:00 pm on Friday, October 5, 2018
  • Ends: 8:00 pm on Friday, October 5, 2018
Performance Creighton Baxter: For N Friday, October 5, 6:00pm Stone Gallery Creighton Baxter’s process begins and resolves with graphite drawings on paper that often centralize the figure as a point of origin or departure. For N is a three-hour performance that responds to the portrait of a friend. The performance’s metronome is breathing—guiding the piece into explorations of longing, closeness, and queer kinships that hold open space for trauma of the every day. For N is co-presented by Castledrone, an artist-run gallery in Hyde Park, MA. For N is part of Baxter’s ongoing body of work, Vulnerable Evidence, supported by Castledrone in 2018 with the help of Maggie Cavallo, Anthony Palocci Jr., Tom Maio and Darren Cole.
Stone Gallery 855 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215

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