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BU Votes is a group of students, staff, and faculty across BU who facilitate voter registration drives with the larger purpose of fostering a culture of civic participation in BU and beyond. If students establish the practice of voting in college, we hope that it will set the pattern of a lifetime of voter participation and other civic involvement in their communities.

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Upcoming Elections     ***Please note that registration deadlines vary by state***



Previous Events

Election Day: November 8

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While Vote Early Day is over, you may still be able to vote early in your state: Vote Early Dates, Times & Locations.

National Vote Early Day

National Voter Education Week: October 3-October 7

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Important Dates

Early Voting Dates by State!

General Elections on Tuesday, November 8

In The News

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Lawsuit filed over ballot access in Alaska special primary

MA Senate approves compromise voting rights bill

Judge won’t delay order for congressional remap in Louisiana

NY Non-Citizen Voting

New Restrictive Voting Laws in Texas

Past Events

October 18 at 7PM: WBUR Town Hall with Boston Mayoral Candidate Michelle Wu

October 21 at 7PM: WBUR Town Hall with Boston Mayoral Candidate Annissa Essaibi George

October 29 at 7PM: Boston Mayoral Candidate Forum in the Howard Thurman Center

April 25 at 6pm: Student Forum with Gubernatorial Candidate Sonia Chang-Diaz in the Howard Thurman Center

April 27 at 6pm: Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate forum on energy and the environment

Thursdays in June from 8:30am-1pm: Voter Registration Drives in the GSU Link


TurboVote – Register to vote, check your voter registration status, or update your address.

Ballot Ready – Ballot Ready helps voters learn more about upcoming elections and their current elected officials. You can also view a live ballot so you can make informed choices before you vote.

State Voting Guides – The Campus Vote Project has individual state voting guides.

State Election Resources – Maintained by TurboVote, this site provides the below resources:

  • your state election website
  • your voter registration status
  • your local election official
  • ability to request a vote by mail ballot