Better cell service coming to areas of BU

August 7th, 2017

Visibly, loud construction projects are halting the flow of traffic up and down Commonwealth Avenue. Traffic guards guide pedestrians through steamy streets, busy with workers, and heavy machinery.  But what you cannot see is the major cellular tower project taking place on our campus. Verizon Wireless has been installing SpiderCloud on Bay State Road, in the George Sherman Union and around Agganis Arena.

The Verizon Wireless Company is partnered with SpiderCloud Wireless, a small cell system provider allowing for revolutionary cell phone coverage. In simpler terms, the partnership will place antenna systems on the top of light towers to give customers better cell coverage.

So if you have Verizon Wireless on campus you should be very excited. This means no more drop calls, or dead zones! No more asking, “Can you hear me now?”

– Jillian Lattimore (COM ’19)

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