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Interested in sharing ideas and collaborate with students beyond the classroom? Blackboard Learn, Boston University's primary learning management system, inspires and facilitates collaboration, while offering convenience and flexibility.

Blackboard Learn allows instructors to manage all course materials online—all immediately available to students. Instructors have the ability to post documents, make announcements, send e-mail, create online assessments, and more. The benefits to students are equally profound. Students can access course documents, send files to their instructor, and access grades directly. Course materials are available 24/7, from any location, allowing students to learn when and where they like.

Leverage Blackboard

Learn how to leverage Blackboard and access a variety of teaching guides, getting started and how-to resources here.

Faculty Voice: Why I Love Blackboard

In this Faculty Voice, BU School of Public Health Lecturer Cassie Ryan shares her experiences moving core curriculum sections online, building-in exercises and assessments, and encouraging student engagement in class. Professor Ryan also discusses why she embraces Blackboard and how she uses it to deliver a variety content to her students. View the Faculty Voice.

Connect with a Learning Community

Digital Learning & Innovation is committed to building learning communities and creating gathering places for Boston University leadership, faculty, and staff technology users to share ideas, meet and connect with colleagues, and discuss platforms designed to improve students’ learning experiences.

For BU Instructors: 

All of our communities of practice meet via Zoom or in-person and are supported by Digital Learning & Innovation, Educational Technology, and Center for Teaching & Learning staff.

Technology Support for Blackboard

The Educational Technology team provides training in this area. Visit BU TechWeb for training information or schedule a consultation, email

Blackboard Teaching Guides & Resources

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