Review recent field investigations outlining project challenges and solutions, cost implications, outcomes, and more.

Field Investigations

What is a Shipley Center Field Investigation?

In an effort to stay current with educational innovation trends and residential transformations related to our goals, the Shipley Center occasionally conducts field investigations and shares the findings with appropriate academic leaders to help inform potential initiatives and experiments at Boston University.

Typically, a field investigation includes the following categories:

  1. Summary of Findings
  2. Advantages & Outcomes (e.g., evidence of how the use of a particular platform in the classroom positively impacts the student experience)
  3. Challenges (e.g., reasons why it might be premature to pilot a certain software or integrate it into the curriculum)
  4. Application (e.g., information about institutions that have piloted or adopted a particular technology and how it is being used)
  5. Cost Implications (e.g., cost estimates for licensing a platform)
  6. Market Solutions (e.g., list of products, if any, that are readily available on the market and can meet the particular needs identified at BU)
  7. Recommended Next Steps

The field investigations are conducted and shared on our website for informational purposes only. For additional details, please see the original sources referenced. For discussion, contact the Shipley Center at

Available Field Investigations