Learn about the online document submission tool designed to check student work for plagiarism and streamline the grading process.

Turnitin Feedback Studio

What is Turnitin Feedback Studio?

Turnitin Feedback Studio is an online document submission tool that both checks student work for plagiarism and streamlines the grading process. Student work can be compared against a database of websites and previous paper submissions from within the course and other courses, as well as other schools and universities. Each paper receives an originality report that highlights passages similar to other sources and provides links to original sources. Students’ submissions are viewable only by the faculty member for the course. Instructors can also save valuable time on grading with tools that simplify repetitive grading tasks.

Who Can Use It?

Turnitin Feedback Studio is available to all current Boston University faculty and the students enrolled in their courses. Students can only check their own work if they are enrolled in a course that has been set up in Turnitin Feedback Studio by their instructor.

Ways to Use Turnitin in the Classroom

  • Turnitin is integrated into the Blackboard Assignments tool and can be used to submit and view students’ submissions. Each submitted paper receives an originality report that highlights passages that are similar to other sources and provides links to the original sources.
  • Instructors can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates.
  • QuickMarks feature in Turnitin allows instructors to create a library of feedback that might be applicable, on multiple occasions, to multiple students, across multiple classes and assignments.
  • Students can use Turnitin Draft Coach to run similarity reports in students’ Google Docs. Draft Coach is a tool for assisting your student’s writing process in Google Docs and can help them work toward the final draft of an assignment before they submit it to Instructors.


  • The Similarity Report compares a paper’s text to a database of millions of pages of digital content, archived student papers, and professional, academic and commercial journals and publications.
  • QuickMarks allow instructors to drag and drop comments directly onto a student’s paper and can be combined with a voice memo or rubric criteria to provide robust feedback quickly.
  • PeerMark assignments help students engage with one another through peer feedback and evaluation.
  • Students can effortlessly run a report to check their Google Docs for similarity against Turnitin’s vast database using Turnitin Draft Coach.


  • Turnitin Feedback Studio serves as a learning tool to identify and correct unintentional plagiarism.
  • Turnitin Feedback Studio's commenting and grading tools make the feedback process faster, easier, and more consistent.
  • Turnitin protects students' original work from being used without citation by another person.
  • Turnitin helps instructors improve students' critical thinking and composition skills.

Technology Support for Turnitin

  • EdTech offers frequent training on using Turnitin assignments. For more information or to register for an upcoming training, visit TechWeb here.
  • For technical questions, email ithelp@bu.edu or call at 353-HELP. The Help Desk can answer simple questions directly by phone or email.
  • Through the Help Desk, you can also schedule in-person sessions with an educational technologist on using Turnitin.
  • BU-specific text-based instructions for using Feedback studio through Blackboard Learn can be found here and video based instructions here on TechWeb.
  • To use Turnitin directly via turnitin.com (i.e. not going through Blackboard), view BU-specific instructions here.
  • Vendor instructions on using Turnitin Feedback Studio are available here.

Teaching Guides & Resources

Email the Center for Teaching & Learning and schedule an appointment today ctl@bu.edu.