What is ExamSoft?

ExamSoft provides a secure testing environment to help curb academic dishonesty, and allows instructors to easily create, grade, and analyze exams.

Who Can Use It?

ExamSoft is available to academic departments, based on a demonstrated need for secure exams, and approved by the Dean's Office for the school/college and Educational Technology.

Ways to Use ExamSoft in the Classroom

  • Give smaller quizzes in a non-secure environment to gauge students' knowledge of the subject
  • Give larger, more important exams like midterms and finals in-person while securing the integrity of the exam


  • Works offline – internet access only required to download the exam
  • Ability to lock down the exam taker’s device
  • Ideal for both in-person and remote learning settings
  • Class rosters and grades sync with Blackboard


Instructors can create exams, quizzes, and assignments within the ExamSoft environment using a variety of different question types such as multiple-choice/answer, true/false, essay, and hotspot. Questions can also be randomized or linked as an added layer of test integrity.

ExamSoft can generate reports on class performance, as well as provide statistics on each individual question.

Students take their exams through a program called Examplify, meaning they take the test directly on their computer. This allows instructors to have control over what functions students have access to during their exam, ranging from a complete lockdown to allowing things like copy/paste, highlighting, calculators, or even the internet if desired.

Add-ons such as identity verification and automated proctoring are available for additional costs.

Technology Support for ExamSoft

Connect with the Educational Technology team with questions or schedule a consultation at askedtech@bu.edu.

Teaching Guides & Resources

Email the Center for Teaching & Learning and schedule an appointment today at ctl@bu.edu.