What is Examity?

Examity allows instructors to give exams that are monitored by a live proctor in an effort to minimize cheating, thereby maintaining the integrity of the test. Since Examity is integrated with Blackboard, instructors can build the exam and students can take the exam in a familiar environment.

Who Can Use It?

Currently, Examity can only be used for high-stakes exams that are necessary for licensing and/or accreditation and requires written approval.

Ways to Use Examity in the Classroom

Examity is better suited for an asynchronous or online environment as proctored testing requires students to book available slots for live proctoring. Students would not be able to have their exams taken all at the same time.


  • Live authentication
  • Real-time, on-screen support
  • Immediate exam intervention
  • Flagged violations with video
  • Human audit
  • Reporting and analytics


Exams are built using the Blackboard platform, therefore using an environment familiar to both the instructor and the students.

The live proctoring feature of Examity allows real-time intervention in the case of suspected cheating or suspicious behavior during the exam.

All proctored sessions are reviewed by another Examity team member after the exam to ensure that any and all suspected infractions are correctly identified. Instructors will have access to a dashboard complete with the video of the student, their screen, and time-stamped flags where infractions may have occurred.

Technology Support for Examity

EdTech supports Examity. For more information on how to receive approval to use Examity, email the EdTech team at askedtech@bu.edu.

Teaching Guides & Resources

Email the Center for Teaching & Learning and schedule an appointment today at ctl@bu.edu.