What is Blackboard?

Blackboard Learn is the primary learning management system at Boston University; it is used in on- and off-campus courses, certificate programs, and clerkships. Students can access course materials at any time and from any computer with an Internet connection.

Who Can Use It?

Blackboard Learn is available to all current Boston University students, faculty, staff and those with a sponsored Guest account.

Ways to Use Blackboard in the Classroom

  • Use your course site as a central repository for all course materials.
  • Provide students content prior to coming to class, helping them arrive more prepared.
  • Use assessments and assignments to assess learning.
  • Divide your students into groups for projects or smaller discussions.


  • Interaction and communication – Students can stay connected with instructors and classmates through e-mail, discussion boards, and blogs. Instructors can connect their Blackboard site to Zoom or Microsoft Teams for video classes or office hours.
  • Advanced quiz and survey tools – Instructors can create practice tests and gather student feedback online.
  • Excel-compatible grade book – Instructors manage course grades online and download them for use with other applications.
  • Easy document sharing – Upload files with just a few clicks.
  • Built-in anti-plagiarism service – Plagiarism detection is automated by SafeAssign and also integrates directly with Turnitin Feedback Studio.
  • Multimedia integrations – Students enjoy access to course materials designed to enhance their learning experience, including video lectures through Zoom as well as recorded content from MyMedia and Echo360.


Blackboard Learn offers convenience and flexibility – central to Boston University’s Online Campus programs and key to enhancing the value of modern on-campus courses. Instructors manage all course materials online, where they are immediately available to students. Instructors can post documents, make announcements, send e-mail, create online assessments, and more. Students can access course documents, send files to their instructor, and access grades directly. Course materials are available 24/7, from any location, allowing students to learn when and where they like.

Technology Support for Blackboard

EdTech offers trainings on using Blackboard. For more information or to schedule a one-on-one consultation, email the EdTech team via

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