Boston University faculty and graduate student instructors are committed to elevating the teaching and learning experience. Our faculty are passionate about new teaching strategies,  motivated by student engagement and student success, and proactively engaged in the use of technology. Digital Learning & Innovation supports BU educators in this important and powerful endeavor.

Since its inception, DL&I has partnered with BU leadership, faculty, staff, and graduate student instructors from across the University to explore new technologies and pedagogies, cultivate innovative new experiments, and aid in the development of new residential, online, and hybrid programs.

Access a wide range of resources including but not limited to inclusive teaching and active learning guides, Blackboard, Adobe, and other educational technology tools, learning design and media production strategies, and explore pilot program development and project management opportunities at BU and beyond.

How We Can Help

Whether you are searching for Blackboard tools and resources, looking to explore the flipped classroom model, or interested in sharing your digital education idea, we've got you covered. Our teams of teaching & learning consultants, educational technologists, project managers, and creative media production specialists are available for one-on-one or small group consultations.

Where to Start


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Flipping Your Classroom

What is the flipped classroom model and what are the benefits for faculty and students? Access learning design and media production services and explore the blended learning and instructional strategy.

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