Reducing Coding Anxiety through Self-Assessment (and Drag Queens): Ungrading CAS AN/BI 588


Christopher Schmitt, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Biology, knows that learning coding and statistics is daunting. We learn at different paces and panic when graded on unfamiliar techniques. He has ‘ungraded’ his stats/coding class by providing flipped modules, flexible peer-assessed deadlines, and shares how a final self-assessment that (almost) always yields the grade he would have given and how freed from grading panic, students actually learn and build long-term proficiency.


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Christopher Schitt Headshot

Christopher Schmitt

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

Christopher Schmitt is an assistant professor dedicated to primate development and life history and incorporate techniques from behavioral ecology, morphometrics, and genomics across the Order Primates and in vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus spp.), in particular.