Inclusion and Intersectionality

The qualities of honesty, safety, and creativity are emphasized in this presentation on inclusion. In support of these principles, Dr. Swati Rani established a new course on writing at BU entitled “Are Asians People of Color” in the Fall of 2019. The course requires students to learn tenets of critical race relations, while learning how writing is a set of tools for decolonizing. Version 0.5 (when the pandemic hit) reflected trauma sensitive pedagogy. View Dr. Rani's "Inclusion and Intersectionality" Summer 2020 Lightning Talk.


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BU Swati Rani

Swati Rani

Dr. Rani teaches courses in the Writing Program entitled “Asians Are People of Color, Identity Politics and Race Relations” as well as “BIPOC Write Reparations and Restore in Community.” (WR120/WR151/WR152). Dr. Rani has also taught the CAS SO 210/SO 211 focused on race, class, gender,