Adobe Catalysts

Boston University adopted Adobe Creative Cloud in the Spring of 2018 and the software is now available to a large portion of the BU Community at little or no cost. Adobe Creative Cloud software provides a unified platform to edit professional video and audio, process digital images, create single and multi-page printed layouts, render 3D objects, and much more. To get a license, check your eligibility, and learn more: please visit the Adobe Creative Cloud page on the IS&T Tech Web.

The Center for Teaching & Learning’s Adobe Catalyst Program, with the support of Digital Learning & Innovation (DL&I), brings faculty together for collaboration, partnership and learning as a community. Throughout the process, faculty work on brainstorming, developing class materials, and learning the Adobe Creative Cloud tools by going through the experience of creating digital projects of their own.

The Adobe Catalyst Program brings faculty together to explore teaching and learning opportunities with the software. In addition to learning how to use some of the tools, the program aims to explore:

  • How the Adobe Creative Cloud suite helps faculty implement digital and multimodal assignments
  • How proficient do faculty need to be in the Adobe suite in order to implement digital assignments in their courses
  • How can faculty help students learn by creating digital projects even if they don't know he entire suite themselves
  • How faculty can assess digital projects
  • Different ways faculty at BU are specifically using Adobe Creative Cloud

Applications to the program are open to full-time and part-time undergraduate faculty at Boston University. Interested faculty are encouraged to apply as either a catalyst or mentee.

Catalysts – Faculty who are experienced users of Adobe Creative Cloud tools and who can advise on tools and guide mentees through the process of developing projects are invited to apply to be a Catalyst.

Mentees – Instructors who have some experience with Adobe Creative Cloud software and who would like to learn more about the tools and develop a project that connects with their teaching are invited to apply to as a mentee.


Email to learn more about the Adobe Catalyst Program.

Community Coordinator

Pary Fassihi, Assistant Director

Center for Teaching & Learning