Trainings & Workshops

To maintain and build awareness around issues of equity and inclusion, our staff regularly conducts a variety of opportunities to learn new skills through reading groups, trainings, and workshops on campus, including on the topics of mitigating microaggressions, understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion, and developing inclusive faculty searches and addressing bias.

In addition to addressing perennial issues, we strive to be of the moment. In a multipart series this past spring, we invited national experts to help us examine the impact of COVID-19 on various segments of our community, from those who identify as LGBTQIA+ to members of historically underrepresented communities to those who are living with a disability.

Most importantly though, we seek to foster lasting change. For example, our work in schools, colleges, and administrative departments and our faculty-search trainings for committee members and department chairs are designed to facilitate successful, inclusive environments, strategies, and outcomes.

We invite all members of the BU community to engage in these important and impactful events and conversations.