Faculty & Hiring

A member of the Association of American Universities, Boston University is committed to the highest levels of intellectual and creative achievement and to developing an extraordinary, world-class faculty. Crucial to that mission is a significantly increased breadth of cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity among our teaching and research ranks.

We seek to normalize the inclusion within our 17 schools and colleges, and departments of people who are underrepresented in academia, including faculty and scholars from marginalized racial, ethnic, social, and religious groups. In service of this goal, the University has developed several programs to assist our search efforts and serve as a resource to better enable our faculty in its efforts to diversify.

University Scholars Program

The first initiative, the University Scholars Program, seeks to enliven our curricula and intellectual and creative endeavors through regular, substantive engagement with emerging and leading faculty and scholars from historically underrepresented groups, and to extend and strengthen our national and international networks, deepening our search pools and positively impacting our search outcomes. Learn more about the University Scholars Program.

Administrators interested in taking advantage of the Emerging Scholars Program may use this budget projection form as a template for developing a proposal.

Target of Opportunity Program

The second program, the Target of Opportunity Program, aims to equip academic leadership with nimbleness and flexibility in hiring and to capitalize on potential hires who represent an opportunity for the University to realize its goals when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more about the Target of Opportunity Program.

Recruitment Committee: Candid conversation in a safe space

Want to know the best neighborhoods to live? Hear personal stories on race in Boston? And at BU? You might feel your formal interview isn’t the best place for these kinds of questions, but we want you to have answers to any query or concern, no matter how sensitive. That’s where the Recruitment Committee comes in. A group of faculty members of color from various backgrounds and areas of study have volunteered to meet with faculty candidates and offer candid conversation in a safe space. These meetings are completely nonevaluative, and optional. Learn more about the Recruitment Committee.

Developing and Supporting Faculty

We want you to thrive at BU, on and off campus. That’s why we offer professional development opportunities for graduate students and postdocs, administrators, and faculty at all stages of their careers. Access to the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity and occasional writing retreat for scholars, workshops to help navigate identities in the workplace, and BU-Centric and City-wide gatherings are just a few ways our community members can focus on personal growth, productivity, work-life balance, and professional relationships.

The Office of the Provost has committed up to $10 million to support these programs and related initiatives.