Team Directory

The success of BU Diversity & Inclusion as a force for institutional change and equity depends on an extensive network of colleagues, allies, and University leaders. But as a central organization, D&I is represented by the following individuals.

Team directory

In alphabetical order

Thiago Abreu

Learning & Training Specialist

Responsibilities: Assessing learning needs; developing university-wide curricula; conducting trainings, evaluating outcomes, and utilizing data to inform program development; assisting in the development of learning-based strategies for diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more about the Organizational Specialist & Trainer.


Alana Anderson

Director of Programs

Responsibilities: Developing and implementing University-wide programs for Diversity & Inclusion; overseeing and advising faculty/staff networks. Learn more about the Director of Programs for Diversity & Inclusion.


Abby Burmeister

Assistant to the Vice President and Associate Provost for Community & Inclusion

Responsibilities: Supporting the vice president and associate provost; staffing groups and initiatives led by the vice president and associate provost for Community & Inclusion; and serving as a resource for general queries about Community, Diversity & Inclusion.


Deborah Chassler

Faculty Fellow for Diversity & Inclusion

Responsibilities: Leading a holistic process evaluation project of BU Diversity & Inclusion programing efforts; interviewing key stakeholders to document the creation and implementation of Diversity & Inclusion projects and programs, including missions, vision, values and goals. Learn more about the inaugural Faculty Fellow for Diversity & Inclusion.


Karin Firoza

Director of Special Projects

Responsibilities:  Collaborating with a broad range of constituents around the University; managing and overseeing multiple projects simultaneously; capitalizing on interconnections between projects; and building infrastructure. Learn more about the Director of Special Projects.


Kristen Handricken

Director of Learning & Training

Responsibilities: Creating and leading dynamic, comprehensive, and multimodal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) related education and training programs for faculty staff and students; working to control quality and content of DEI trainings; address unit-level DEI related challenges and create programmatic platforms focused on the University’s DEI goals. Learn more about the Director of Learning & Training.


Megan Segoshi

Manager of Faculty Diversity Initiatives

Responsibilities: Ensuring that faculty diversity initiatives run smoothly; supporting, tracking, assessing, and managing: efficacy, communication with schools/colleges regarding the University Scholars Program; the faculty Recruitment committee; attendance at programs and trainings, etc.; implement faculty search trainings; generate data and respond to data requests. Learn more about the Manager of Faculty Diversity Initiatives.


Mike Tom

Communications Manager

Responsibilities: Overseeing strategy and design for, and production of, printed materials; generating creative content; maintaining and updating BU D&I website; overseeing the production of additional, unit-level websites; producing monthly newsletter; producing annual report; and overseeing BU D&I social media accounts. Learn more about the D&I Communications Manager.


Crystal Williams

Vice President and Associate Provost for Community & Inclusion, Professor of English

Responsibilities: Overseeing Diversity & Inclusion; working with and advising senior academic and administrative leadership; ensuring that BU’s structures, practices, policies, and programs are aligned to stated institutional values and goals. Learn more about the Vice President and Associate Provost for Community & Inclusion.



Director of LGBTQIA+ Faculty/Staff Center