Megan Segoshi

Photo of Megan Segoshi. They are wearing glasses, a dark blazer, and a pink shirt.Megan Segoshi is BU’s inaugural Manager of Faculty Diversity Initiatives. In her role, she works collaboratively with key stakeholders across campus to develop infrastructure to support, recruit, and retain faculty from groups historically underrepresented in the professoriate. Megan brings eight years of experience within the field of higher education, including roles in multicultural student affairs, diversity and inclusion administration, and educational technology. Prior to joining BU, she served as the Scholar and Community Engagement Program Lead at the University of Michigan’s National Center for Institutional Diversity, where she worked to promote, disseminate, and highlight scholarship on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Megan’s own research has focused on racial justice and identity development, and she has coauthored several scholarly articles about Asian Americans and affirmative action. She has a PhD in higher education from Loyola University Chicago, an MSW from the University of Georgia, and a BA in sociology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.