Deborah Chassler

Faculty Fellow for Diversity & Inclusion

Deborah Chassler is BU’s inaugural Faculty Fellow for Diversity & Inclusion for the 2020-2021 academic year. In this role, Deborah leads a holistic process evaluation project of BU Diversity & Inclusion programing efforts. The project includes interviews with key stakeholders (leadership, staff, implementers, participants) to track and document the creation and implementation of selected Diversity & Inclusion projects and programs – including missions, vision, values and goals – with a particular focus on programs that are initiating structural change. Qualitative analysis of interviews will help provide the Office of Diversity & Inclusion with an enduring document and insights into the work accomplished thus far and what areas might be strengthened. It will also provide BU with a valuable archive of the start-up and early work of the University’s Diversity & Inclusion effort. 

Deborah earned her MSW at the BU School of Social Work (BUSSW) and has worked at BUSSW for 25 years. As a Senior Academic Researcher, she has worked on enumerable research and evaluation projects and mentored dozens of graduate students. Her research work in recent years has focused on substance use disorders, partnering with community-based organizations. She has taught the BUSSW Racial Justice and Cultural Oppression course for many years, sits on the BUSSW Equity and Inclusion Committee, participates in the Racial Equity and Social Justice efforts on a large federally funded project based at Boston Medical Center, and has led and participated in anti-racism trainings outside of BU.  She is very excited to begin a deep examination of the expansive social change efforts taking place at BU through BU Diversity & Inclusion.